USB Cell Phone Charger






Andra has all the loveable qualities you’ll find in andru, but you might find her more graceful, a lovely alternative to her hunkier companions. Beneath her sweet outer appearance though, you’ll see she’s a little powerhouse - just as strong and capable as can be and raring to charge up your device. Watch her pretty green eyes light up as she goes to work for you, all the while making your life somehow more rosy.

If you have an Apple product, you can still use Andra! You just need to provide your own USB cable - it will plug into Andra's head.



-Moveable arms & flexible antennae

-Light-up eyes
 (Green: charging; White: Standby)

-Soft matte finish

-Comes with his own stand and cable

-Conveniently small at 2.5 inches tall


Input: 120~240V AC

Output: 5V/1A DC

Very low standby power

Level V efficiency

1.2m Micro-USB data cable

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